Outdoor PE Game - Vocabulary Relay Race

Review vocabulary words in a fun way. Students must race to find the vocabulary word that the teacher calls out.
Setup and materials:
You will need to write the each vocabulary word on a thick piece of paper. You will need vocabulary words for each group (you can have any number of groups as long as it is more than two). You can set up cones or lines for the students to stand behind.

How to play:
The teacher will lay all of the words on one side of the field, while the students stand on the other side. The teacher will yell out the word and the students will all run to find the word (there should be a piece of papers with the word on it for each student running). Once the student finds the word, they will pick it up and run back to their group. The first student back is the winner. After everyone has run, you can either have them return the cards, or they can give them to the teacher.

Once all the words have been called out, you can start another round.


  • Call out multiple words for the students to pick up.
  • Have only one pile with all the words in it.
  • Give each group a list of words in order; have them pick up each word sequentially without the teacher calling out the words.

Safety precautions:
This is a pretty safe game (students are unlikely to run into each other). To add extra safety, you can shorten the distance for them to run so they don't pick up too much speed.

Here is an animated Powerpoint to help explain this game to your students.
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