Hangman/Wheel of Fortune Game (Hangeroo)

Play a fun "Hangman" game with the kids. Involve kids of every level (even the kids who cannot guess the correct word can at least guess a letter).
Setup and materials:
This is not a game that I have created, but it certainly is a game I love to use in class. If you would like to download the game, you can go to the official Hangaroo website at NC Buy GameHouse. You will need a computer and projector to play this game. It can be run from a USB drive.

How to play:
The game comes with editable XML files. You can modify these files to create your own word lists, or phrase lists (like "Wheel of Fortune"). This is a great game to encourage participation from everyone. Encourage students who don't participate a lot to at least guess a letter. When the kids guess a correct letter, they can keep guessing. If they guess wrong, they will get an X. Four X's and the game is over!
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