Fun and Fast Animal Song for Kids! (Tune of "Do You Know the Muffin Man?")

Things to learn from this video:
This song is a fun way to learn the following animals: lion, tiger, elephant, hamster, rabbit, mouse, cat, dog, horse, cow, sheep, fox, chicken, pig, bear, deer, zebra, panda, frog

How to use in the classroom:
This is a great song to give your students a challenge! It goes very fast and is fun to sing. Use this video when learning animals.

Lion, tiger, elephant
Hamster, rabbit, mouse, cat, dog,
Horse, cow, sheep, fox, chicken, pig
Bear, deer, zebra, panda, frog

Additional Teaching Ideas:
- Challenge students to see who can spell each animal.
- Ask the students what animals they can name.
- Have one student say a letter, and another student will say an animal that starts with that letter.
- Name a color. Have students say an animal that is that color.

- Animal Books for toddlers:
- Animal Coloring Book:

Music: tune of "Do You Know The Muffin Man?"

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