Classroom Vocabulary Activity - "Add on."

Review vocabulary words in a fun way. Students will have to remember each word and add on in order to win at the game.

Setup and materials:
You can divide the class into teams (at least two, but you could do more if you would like). You don't need any material but it might be helpful to pictures or words on the board to help the students remember.

How to play:
The teacher will have students from one team line up (or stand up where they are). The teacher will say (or point to) a vocabulary word. The first student must repeat the word. Then the teacher will say another word. The second student must now say the first word, then say the second word. This is repeated until a student is not able to correctly say the words.

The teacher will mark how many students were successful, then turn to the next team and have them do the same thing (but with different words).

Teacher: "Apple."
Student 1: "Apple."
Teacher: "Banana."
Student 2: "Apple, banana."
Teacher: "Orange."
Student 3: "Apple, banana, orange."

This continues until a student cannot remember or says a word that is not in the correct order.

  • Have students who are behaving well call out the words instead of a teacher.
  • Instead of doing it with teams, do it as an entire class. Students who raise their hand or behave properly can participate when you call on them.
  • If it is too hard, you have have pictures that you point to to help the students remember.
  • If it is too easy, you can have a time limit for each response.
Here is a downloadable PowerPoint you can use to help explain the rules to the students.
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My kids really have a fun time with this game!

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