Outdoor Game - "What do you see?"

Have the kids practice counting and observing what is around them.
Setup and materials:
Each student will get a notebook (or piece of paper), a pencil, and a dictionary to look up words they may not know.

How to play:
Have the students follow the teacher (or a group leader) in a line. When the teacher stops everyone stops. When the teacher moves, everyone moves. Sometimes when the teacher stops, the teacher will say "What do you see?" At this point, the students will spend a minute or two to count the objects they see (example: 5 cars, 3 dogs, 84 flowers, etc). They will write it down on their paper. The teacher will continue to do this a few times.

When everyone returns to the classroom, you can compare what the students saw and see what the similarities and differences are.

  • Instead of having the teacher lead all the students, assign group leaders for different groups. This way the students can walk to many different areas.
Here is an animated Powerpoint to help explain this game to your students.
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