The Phonics Game

Have the students practice spelling words phonetically. Every student is assigned a phonetic sound (letter) that they will focus on.
Setup and materials:
The teacher will assign each student a letter. The student will write the letter on a peice of paper and hold it in front of them so everyone can see which letter they have.

How to play:
Depending on the number of students, the teacher can assign two teams (competition) or just one (practice for fun). The students will line up and wait for the teacher to call out a word. When the teacher yells out a word (like "cat") the students with the corresponding letters will line up in front of the teacher to spell it out.

  • If you don't have enough students for two teams, you can have only one team and have the students stand in a circle.
  • This game can be played indoor or outdoor.
Here is an animated Powerpoint to help explain this game to your students.
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