Downloadable Stamp (Reward) Chart

Purpose of this Stamp (Reward) Chart
The purpose of this chart is simply to encourage and reward good behavior. In a perfect world, students would behave well out of the love of learning and the love and respect they have for their fellow students and their teacher. In the world that I happen to live in however, many students need additional motivation and encouragement to help them behave well. Giving stamps to children helps let them know they are doing well and encourages them to continue to do so.

How to use this chart
I categorized this chart into three different sections: Behavior, class work (assignments), and participation (answering questions). I will give a stamp in the appropriate section when they perform well. When they have 10 stamps in a section, they will get a small prize and get a new stamp chart. This encourages the students to perform well in each section so they can get different prizes. I encourage my students to wait until the stamp chart is full to get all the prizes at the same time.

I also have a discipline section on the chart. The main purpose of this section is to let the students know what is expected of them. I also use this section to encourage improvement from bad behavior. I do this by temporarily withholding privileges. For example, if a student is late to class, I will check a small box for being late to class. Being late once has no penalty. If they are late a second time however, they can no longer attend the English outdoor activity and they can no longer turn their stamp chart in for a prize. This is not permanent though and if they come to see me in my office I can negate the checks by giving them an "OK" stamp. This allows me to talk to the students who might have consistent bad behavior and work with them on a more personal level.

A reminder about reinforcing good behavior
Even though punishing a student might get more immediate results, giving positive encouragement is more beneficial in the long run. It can be damaging to a student to only give out checkmarks for discipline without giving any stamps for good behavior. Make sure that you are always looking for ways to give a student a stamp rather than looking to give them a check mark.

The link below is a downloadable PDF. You can use this for printing.
Stamp Chart PDF

The link below is an editable copy of the stamp chart. Use this if you want to customize the chart or change the text to another language. This chart can be edited in the free graphics program Inkscape.
Stamp Chart SVG (Inkscape) File
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