Video - "Is, am, are, verb, and S Song."

The Is, am, are, verb, and S Song

Teach kids when to use "is," "am," and "are." Also teaches kids when to add the letter "s" after a verb.

How to use:
The best way for the kids to use this song is simply by memorizing it. Knowing when and when to not add S can be very difficult. If kids memorize this song they will know what sounds right and what does not.

Encourage the kids to point when singing (for instance, point to a girl when you say "she is" or "she sings").

He is, she is, it is, Linda is
This is, that is, everyone is
We are, they are, John and Coco are.
You are, you are, I am

He likes, she likes, it likes, Kevin likes
This likes, that likes, everyone likes
We like, they like, Jack and Wendy like
You like, you like, I like

He goes, she goes, it goes, Danny goes
This goes, that goes, everyone goes
We go, they go, Frank and Tina go
You go, you go, I go

He works, she works, it works, Jacky works
This works, that works, everyone works
We work, they work, Amy and Peter work
You work, you work, I work.

He does, she does, it does, Daniel does
This does, that does, everyone does,
We do, they do, Cici and Andy do
You do, you do, I do..

He sings, she sings, it sings, Grace sings
This sings, that sings, everyone sings
We sing, they sing, Alice and Eric sing
You sing, you sing, I sing.
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