Game - Speed Questions

To get students to think and speak quickly. Allow students to practice questions.

Setup and materials:
This game can be played with classroom rows or a single partner (you can do this as a demonstration to the class for others to listen). You will need a clock or timer to time the speed of each group.

How to play:
The teacher will pick a row at random and say "ready, set, go!" When the teacher says "go," the teacher will start the timer and the student in the beginning of the row will stand, turn around, and ask a question to the student behind. Each student in the row will do this until the last student stands up and asks a question to the teacher. At this point the teacher will stop the time. Students are not allowed to repeat questions.

Each row in class will have an opportunity to participate. The row with the fastest time wins.

It is often difficult for the students to not instantly respond to the question like they are used to doing. This will encourage the students to think and participate more rather than just giving a canned response.

Partner variation:
If you would like to play with just a partner, each student can ask a question back and forth. The first student who does NOT ask a question in response, or who takes more than two seconds will be deemed the loser.