Game - Animal Squat (animal sit)

Help the students to remember animal vocab. Allow the students to think and speak quickly.
Setup and materials:
This game can be played with a group of students (around 5-10). You will need enough area in the classroom (or outside) for the group of students to stand in a circle.

How to play:
Each student is assigned to be an animal (any animal that you have studied is fine). All students must know what the animals are. The students will stand in a circle. The student who starts will say his animal name, then the word "squat" (or "sit"). The students always does a squatting action when he says the word "squat" After the student says his animal and squats, he will then say the name of another animal and "squat." For example: "Cow squat, panda squat."

The turn has now switched to the student who is the panda. The panda must repeat the same process. Example: "Panda squat, tiger squat." It is now tiger's turn to go. This continues until a student gets out.

Getting out:
Let's assume the turn has been passed to the student who has tiger. If tiger calls out another animal (like "bear squat") before calling his own, he is out. Students who are "out" must leave the circle. If a student takes too long, they are out. If a student calls the name of an animal who is not longer in the circle, they are out.

Option if you have many students:
If you have more than 15 students, you can divide the class into groups. You can assign winners of each group to compete in a final competition and have an overall classroom winner.

Here is an animated Powerpoint to help explain this game to your students.
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